Best of Funk #2 – (Week 6)

Every Sunday around 9:30 PM (CET). Read on and experience funk music!

Funky Felicity has handpicked the best tunes released over the past week. In ‘Best of Funk’ all the tunes are easily accessible without much introduction; for your listening pleasure only. If you want more info to each track, please turn to the other social media channels, where there will be daily updates (February is busy though, so, only weekly updates until 1st of March).

This time 21 [FREE] tracks and 4 great [BUY]s! Give the page some seconds to load and enjoy:


♬ Electro Soul [FREE]:

♬ Funk [FREE]:

♬ Downtempo Funk [FREE compilation]:

♬ Nu Disco [FREE]:

♬ Electro Funk [BUY]:

♬ 80’s Disco [FREE]:

♬ Electro House [FREE]:

♬ Glitch Hop [FREE]:

♬ Bass / Funk [FREE]:

♬ French Touch [FREE]:

♬ Melodic House [FREE]:

♬ Electro Soul [FREE]:

♬ Nu Disco [FREE]:

♬ Electro Funk [FREE]:

♬ House [BUY]:

♬ Breakbeat [BUY]:

♬ French Touch [FREE]:

♬ Electro Hip-hop [FREE]:

♬ Glitch Blues [FREE]:

♬ French Electro [€1]:

♬ Nu Disco [FREE]:

♬ Electro Hip-hop [FREE]:

♬ Nu Disco [FREE]:

♬ Deep Disco [FREE]:

♬ Oldschool Funk [FREE]:


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