Best of Funk #15 – (Week 25)

Every Sunday around 9:30 PM (CET). Read on and experience funk music!

In ‘Best of Funk’ all tracks are easily accessible in one playlist; for your listening pleasure only. If you want more info to each track, please turn to the other social media channels, where there will be daily posts.

A bit late, but here it is! Felt I needed to post this before no. 16 in about six hours. Cheers.

20 [FREE] tracks this time – look for these two on the player below: Untitled 

Give it a listen and let me know if I missed something crucial. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t have chosen the artists if they hadn’t done a great job, so I know they’d appreciate a small ‘like’ / ‘repost’ / or ‘thanks’ if you got the time. There’s not a small introduction to each track this time, but make sure to follow on the different social media platforms. They are listen under the player.

♬ Experience Funk:

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