Best of Funk #16 – (Week 28)

Every Sunday around 9:30 PM (CET). Read on and experience funk music!

In ‘Best of Funk’ all tracks are easily accessible in one playlist; for your listening pleasure only. If you want more info to each track, please turn to the other social media channels, where there will be daily posts.

I should be back on track now.. Let’s see. There will always be BoF, but maybe not always on time, haha. You better follow here, to receive email-updates then 😉

20 [FREE] tracks this time – look for these two on the player below: Untitled 

As always: Give it a listen and let me know if I missed something crucial. I wouldn’t have chosen the artists if they hadn’t done a great job, so I know they’d appreciate a small ‘like’ / ‘repost’ / or ‘thanks’ if you got the time. There’s a small introduction to each track below the player as well as some social media links.

♬ Experience Funk:

  1. Walk The Dinosaur (Crazy Daylight Refunk): Ghetto Funk / Glitch Hop awesomeness. Remember to check out his EP with Slynk!
  2. Funkastic – Douceur De Plage: I also uploaded this to YouTube. A delicious beachy funk-tune right for the warm summer times.
  3. Beat Fatigue – Kopophobia: Another upload to YouTube. He continues with the fantastic Glitch Funk sound.
  4. Jackie – Your swag is mine: Supported by Kreap after I reposted this awesome funk / disco tune.
  5. Janet Jackson – Can’t B Good (Allure Remix): Perfection from the French dude. Check out the rest of his other nice (free) choons.
  6. EVVY – Collide (Keljet Remix): One of the best Nu Disco tracks I’ve heard for a long time. Dig it?
  7. Tom Drummond & Slynk – Shake Da Room: An “old” one by two of Ghetto Funk’s best producers!
  8. Love Town – PG’s SanFranDisko Solid Mix: Just discovered PG this week. One of the older DJs, but you can hear his experience shine through.
  9. Ariana Grande – Problem (Dual Citizen Remix): I was blown away by his latest remix. Here’s a new French Disco one!
  10. SEROK – Not Your Bitch: Glitch Hop I believe is his speciality – it’s not often he makes it, but he makes it good. Bass!
  11. Elle and The Pocket Belles – Summer Time (Mista Trick Remix): Also made place for some Electro Swing! Mista Trick is a rather new to me, but he’s awesome.
  12. Pluton – Walk on the beach: Modern funk tune. Plain funky funk to chillout to! Love it.
  13. Introstalge & Steve Levant – Bureaucratic Cat: Funky Electro House! Steve Levant is my mate, and he has evovled greatly over the past 6 months.
  14. Mother & Father – Broods (La Felix Remix): Always excellent Disco / French Touch productions from this fella.
  15. Lev Melvin – WannaBeat: Or Whiteboy Funk, as he sometimes likes to call him – it’s part of an EP, check it all out when you press the link.
  16. Haywyre – Smooth Criminal: Haywyre is just awesome. Always. Glitch Hop / House-ish tune with funky vibes.
  17. Corona – Rhythm Of The Night (Mozambo Remix): Also complimented this guy for the quality of the track on SC. It’s awesome.
  18. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Aeroplane (Yum Cha Re-Funk): I’m usually not all that into remixing legendary bands/artists; but this is really nice.
  19. Nicky Night Time – Everybody Together (Arfy Wild Bass Heavy Edit): The only Garage / Future House track on this week’s playlist. The bass is delicious.
  20. Fatboy Slim – The Joker (Benji Boko Remix): Lovely funky edit of one of all time favorites artist.

Thanks for listening.

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