Best of Funk #17 – (Week 29)

Every Sunday around 9:30 PM (CET). Read on and experience funk music!

In ‘Best of Funk’ all tracks are easily accessible in one playlist; for your listening pleasure only. If you want more info to each track, please turn to the other social media channels, where there will be daily posts.

Super strong performance by the artists this time! Check out the selection with wide selection of funk-filled tracks. Cheers.

24 [FREE] tracks – look for these two on the player below: Untitled 

As always: Give it a listen and let me know if I missed something crucial. I wouldn’t have chosen the artists if they hadn’t done a great job, so I know they’d appreciate a small ‘like’ / ‘repost’ / or ‘thanks’ if you got the time. There’s a small introduction to each track below the player as well as some social media links.

♬ Experience Funk:

  1. Father Funk – Get High: Ghetto Funk of the finest kind! Check out the delicious bass and hip hop vocals.
  2. Glenn Jones ∞ I’m Somebody (Pakem Re√ision): Super dope disco remix I’m thinking of uploading myself. Was greatly appreciated on Instagram when I linked it there.
  3. Daft Punk – Face To Face (Uppermost Remix): Nice remix of the classic Daft Punk choon. Uppermost is always great.
  4. NeZoomie – Hot Pants: One of the best tracks in the Heataly collection by Champagne Records.
  5. Florian Bery – The Wave: Chilled disco / house tune for the warm summer nights.
  6. Brigitte Bardot – La Madrague (Antis Remix): French retro-like vocals with a uniqely dope drop.
  7. Stereocool – Heat State: Another great track from the Italian Heataly collection. Delicious disco / funk.
  8. MIAMI HORROR – Real Slow (Cajoline Remix): Nu Disco! The best kind.
  9. Funk Manchu – Together: Beachy; funky; dope. Yeah, this house track is great. The trumpet spice it up nicely as well.
  10. Soulpersona – The World Outside: Soul! We need more modern soul music – this is lovely.
  11. Mr Rich and the Caretaker – Everyday People: Another Ghetto Funk choon for the parties ahead! Delicious funky music with buttery african-american vocals.
  12. Boys Get Hurt – TRYIN’ 2 B ME: Crazy awesome drop with smooth vocals.
  13. GlobulDub – Funky Maybe (Hummingbird Edit): Maybe? No, this IS funky. Check it out and chill on your terrace (or whereever) 🙂
  14. The Beach: Steve Levant made a great Disco House / Nu Disco track for… the beach!
  15. Masta Ace – I.N.C. Ride (Andow Remix): Uploaded this funk-monster to YouTube as well. Love it.
  16. DOCTOR VOX – Heatstroke: Electro house is not the usual stuff here; but this is nice. Right?
  17. Sailin’: I’ve been impressed by Re:WAVES since his debut EP. This vaporwave tune is awesome as well.
  18. That Swing: Only electro swing tune on the playlist – and it’s a dope one.
  19. Goldroom – Fifteen feat. Chela (Ennui Pt. II Remix): Could have been CHVRCHES if I didn’t know the lyrics. Lovely electro pop / nu disco.
  20. Hawaii94 – Runaway (Box of Wolves Remix): Excellent tropical disco by the Wolves.
  21. Lennart Richter – Miami: Miami Vice inspired, this disco track is really dope.
  22. Lancaster__ – The Internet Generation: Tagged as “mess” – but a really nice mess, if you ask me.
  23. Without You (Superprince Edit): Classic disco / funk track.
  24. Toni Braxton – Giving up (Will’s Abyssal Remix): I’m impressed by this lovely, chilled remix of Toni. Chill funk, yeaaah!

Thanks a lot for listening.

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