Best of Funk #18 – (Week 31)

Every Sunday around 9:30 PM (CET). Read on and experience funk music!

In ‘Best of Funk’ all tracks are easily accessible in one playlist; for your listening pleasure only. If you want more info to each track, please turn to the other social media channels, where there will be daily posts.

Loving the selection this time – a lot of super hot funk!

20 [FREE] tracks – look for these two on the player below: Untitled 

As always: Give it a listen and let me know if I missed something crucial. I wouldn’t have chosen the artists if they hadn’t done a great job, so I know they’d appreciate a small ‘like’ / ‘repost’ / or ‘thanks’ if you got the time. There’s a small introduction to each track below the player as well as some social media links.

♬ Experience Funk:

  1. Dual Citizen – Say It Anyway: Dope original by Disco Filter owner. Funk for the beach.
  2. Viciousi – Live It Up: Unreleased since 2010/2011 here’s a funky song made up of 80 microsamples!
  3. The Noisy Freaks – I Need You Back (Original Mix): Out on Gramatik’s Lowtemp record company; amazing track.
  4. Schwarr & FarfetchD – Unicorns Shitting Rainbows: Funny name; dope bass. Here’s Glitch Hop awesomeness.
  5. Crush Effect – Rock It Out: Also uploaded several places by me, Crush Effect’s new fantastic Nu Disco original.
  6. The Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (Maverick & Poldoore Remix): Love Poldoore! Check this chill Hip-hop / Funk one out.
  7. Chamber – Flip Like A Renegade (Sammy Senior Remix): No playlist without Ghetto Funk! Sammy Senior always solid stuff.
  8. Imagine This – One Of A Kind (Zlijay’s Lavender Avenue Remix): Only realized 24 hours after that the instrumental was of course funk-monster BRANX’ tune. Dope vocals, though.
  9. Shaka Loves You Feat. PRofit – Work: Familiar vocals on a Ghetto Funk. Both for chill and party.
  10. Caravan Palace – Cotton Heads (Jenova Collective Remix): Love when I can take some nice Electro Swing into the playlist.
  11. Warm Me Up: LeMarquis is just the bomb. Always quality French House / French Touch stuff.
  12. 02 Lumières: The track that really stood out from the EP!
  13. Mr. Moustache – ★ Bedroom Stars ★: French Disco like he makes it best.
  14. L’Aquarium – Close To Me: Nu Disco Your Disco exclusive. Dope track.
  15. Dusty Tonez – Shake Your Booty (Phibes Remix): More Ghetto Funk – and Phibes delivers.
  16. Nujabes Feat. Shing02 – Luv Sic Part 3 (Le Nonsense Remix): A Hip-hop remix by Le Nonsense – rare, but awesome.
  17. Tonbe – Sunset On The Danube: Classic funky House by Tonbe.
  18. 2ToneDisco – PBR: Weird, funny, and funky tune.
  19. GOLD ft. Yuna (Minnesota Remix): Fantastic soft Glitch Hop.
  20. Catch The Ghost: Lovely modern funk by GYREFUNK. Living up to the last part of his name.

Thanks a lot for listening.

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