SugarBeats – Groove City Romance | FunkFelicity Review

US duo, SugarBeats, is out with a new incredible Glitch Funk EP!

SugarBeats Press Photo 3

The funksters are known for their jazzy chords, funky electro vibe, and glitchy bass-driven drops that are exceptionally party-friendly and of highest possible quality. I got familar with them in 2013 where the bass was somewhat more dark and heavy, but SugarBeats have in 2014, after two years of experimenting, found their own unique sound and released instant classics like the free ‘Down To The Science Ft. Em Harriss‘ and a fantastic Stay Fresh EP on Adapted Records. Now they are back with another EP, Groove City Romance, that feature their signature sound and some super talented female acquaintances that complement perfectly and bring a new feeling to each of the tracks.

Firstly, you will find the super sexy “Pretty Young Thing” featuring Hmills:

This is followed by an energy-filled “Riding Through The Darkness” with Em Harriss that has an incredible jazzy disco vibe throughout the track:

Third tune on the EP is “Settle The Score” that features the soulful Ruby Red and some tasty guitar licks. The vocal chops are great, and the funky vibes are intact, even though this is the heaviest drop of the release:

Last piece is the title track and features an amazing Veronica RockStar and some insane sound design to die for:

In short, SugarBeats absolutely killed this release and I hope you will consider supporting them in their quest for a funkier world:


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