Lowtemporary Vol. 1 | FunkFelicity Review

First playlist of a dope initiative from Lowtemp to showcase what they offer.


Lowtemp is naturally one of my favorite labels as they mix two of the things I love: modern funk music and free music. If you don’t know them yet, I hope you will consider checking what they offer. Gramatik, Exmag, The Noisy Freaks, The Geek x Vrv among other are part of the movement – maybe you as well?

This is quick post to focus on two things: the two new tracks in the playlist, and the most awesome ones from 2014. Let me know what you think, and what you think about their playlist!

One of the new tracks is the young 16 yo talent Emilio A.C. and ILLUMNTR (known for supporting several of the Lowtemp artists over the last couple of years) that has a synth-battle with Dexx. A really dope swing thing that is perfectly executed:

Support Emiljo A.C.:
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Support Dexx:

Another new track is from Marshall McGee that has teamed up with IDA HAWK. Young Mr. McGee came out with one the best EPs in 2014 “Order of Operations EP; a funk/rock thing that you should definitely check out. This new one however is a mix of bass, funk and a guitar to die for:

Support Marshall McGee:

I’d definitely recommend the rest of the compilation, but the following are amazing (+ of course Gramatik’s album and Exmag’s album). Thanks for reading!

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