The Floozies’ new album | FunkFelicity Review

Matt and Mark Hill is out with a new dope album. Check our review below:


The Floozies have already provided us with some amazing albums, and now they are out with the next: Do Your Thing. The 11-track album is once again following their Future Funk style with crisp electronic synths, bass-heavy drops and perfect guitar leads all the way through.

We’ve compiled our three favorite tracks below, and the full album in the end. Kinky is a wonderfully balanced bass- and funk-filled tune, where the brothers have made perfect use of a “kinky” vocal sample and some trumpet-like vibes. Almost Morning follows the same dope sound in a more uptempo fashion; at the same time it features the always awesome Gibbz that we know from several collabs with e.g. Gramatik & Exmag. Like Butter is a slower and more sexy guitar-driven pearl that has some cool talkbox vocals to make it super smooth.. like butter.

The fantastic full album is right below and you can grab all the tracks for free. She Ain’t Yo Girlfriend was the first single released a couple of weeks ago, which still rocks perfectly; Fantastic Love also incorporates some wicked samples that would easily have made our top 5; and FNKTRP has a really heavy bassline that is accompanied by different melodic pieces.

So that was our favorites and introductions to some of the tracks – which one is your favorite?
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