Beerlover – To Make Love (LP) | FunkFelicity Review

The Brazilian beer lover is out with his album! Check our three favorites + review:


Always been a big fan of Beerlover. Now his first album is finally out after a bits of teasing over the last couple of months. Find our favorites below, and the full album in the bottom – best of all, grab it for free if you want to hear it on your iPod (do anyone still use one besides me, haha?). Just a quick note before you do anything: Beerlover keeps the awesome quality funk-touch I’ve known him for long now; you won’t be disappointed in this one! Enjoy.

Here’s our three favorites. I’m absolutely loving the middle play in ‘Last Drink‘, the title track ‘To Make Love‘ is a downtempo and smooth Disco pearl, and ‘Make Tonight‘ has a wonderful Future Funk vibe to it. Do you agree on the selection? Tell us on Facebook!

Anyways, here’s the full album below. Excellent tracks all over, strong depth and just lovely Future Funk / Disco feeling. Show you support under the player on Beerlover and Horeazon’s social media channels. Let us know which track is your absolutely favorite over on Twitter. Cheers!

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