Koka Mass Jazz – Smile (Remixes) | FunkFelicity Review

The wonderful jazz original got some lovely jazz-funk remixes. Listen below:

cold busted jazz

One of my favorite labels, Cold Busted, had a new release a few days ago. It’s the remixes of the the super jazzy orignal by Koka Mass Jazz! The release includes wonderful vibes by artists from the label’s own quality repertoire. Read on for a short introduction, and listen in the bottom: enjoy!

First you’ll hear perhaps the biggest artist of them all, Poldoore. He delivers chilled builds ups with some Future-Jazzy kicks that really brings some power to the original. After this we’re served a Green Street mix that is Funky House beats with some lovely Triphop elements while still keeping the signature sax. Third track is delivered by mister T. that we know from several releases on Cold Busted. You’ll hear his Funk-sound shine through as the remix goes into a nice flute-kind-of-thing in the end really suiting the remix. My Neighbour Is gives us the fourth remix that stays in the Funk-department with a lighter expression and different nice elements to support – the vocal is merely as a sample here, but it works great.

LoopMaffia brings the most unique remix on the EP. A dreamy, smooth, soulful and chilled Dub Mix that brings some nice depth to the release. Finally, we have label-boss DJ Vitamin D giving us a Re-edit that adds some cool Funk-power – something we’ll of course always appreciate.

Pick your favorite and let us know in the comments below or on Twitter which one you chose! You can find the original in buttom of the post, and make sure to show Koka Mass Jazz some love if you like the original as well. Thanks for checking this out, cheers.

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