Tesla55 – Plasticity (Free EP) | FunkFelicity Review

Netherlands’ Tesla55 made us all some awesome Disco Funk. Listen below:


Here’s a brand new free EP you really want to add to your Funk library. The duo, Tesla55, have really done a great job, and you can hear it right from the beginning with the title track ‘Plasticity‘. It’s wonderfully balanced French Funk music with excellent synths and a deep bass. Next up is ‘It’s You‘ that has chill elements evolve into a synth-fest with a great vocal sample that complements perfectly. ‘Next To Me‘ is a small Future Funk production before the Dutchman moves on to some Electro Funk dopeness – ‘Feel The Beat‘ is a lovely mix of talkbox vocals and a beat that makes you want to party!

To finish the EP we’re served two remixes of ‘It’s You‘ by Bischiclet, which brings lovely summer House vibes, and Flava who keeps the French feeling with more delicious Funk. Both are some brilliant productions and altogether this is an EP that will live on for a looong time; all we can say is a big THANKS to Tesla55 and the remixers for the free download options. And for you readers: let us know what you think over on Facebook and Twitter. Cheers!

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