Beat Fatigue – Ain’t That A Glitch | FunkFelicity Review

One of our favorites when it comes to bass funk has a new EP out:

beat fatigue2

It is amazing what Beat Fatigue has come to. I remember when 500-ish followed him on SoundCloud little over a year ago, and how he therefore blew me completely away with the track “Put The Gun Down (Beat Fatigue’s Re-Diddly Do)” that should’ve been from a producer with at least 10x his following number. It features some fantastic vocals together with a bass-heavy funk vibe and a guitar lead that is now his signature sound. We just knew this kid would be huge, and with almost 10,000 followers as of now, and several live events, he’s getting there.

I won’t highlight any particular track as a favorite, because I’m still rocking equally to all six tracks. Getting to know these tracks one-by-one, several times, will make you realize how amazing bass heavy funk and guitar is when produced perfectly. Quarterbouncer has an amazing guitar solo; All That Muting‘s scratchy bass is addicting together with the happy vocal sample; No More‘s almost rock-approach is dope as hell; Slashy Cricket reminds me a lot of past productions, but in a good way because it’s so groovy; Walking All Cool brings a refreshing vibe to the EP; and the title track Ain’t That A Glitch is just plain awesome with a super tasty drop.

In short, “Ain’t That A Glitch” continues the excellent quality we’ve heard in the Dutch mastermind’s productions, EPs and albums over the past year. Beat Fatigue is producing a lot, sure, it’s sort of the same approach, sure, but all of his stuff always hits the spot. This EP is no different and we’d highly recommend you grab it, together with some of his 15 free downloads. Share your love about the Dutch fella on the following channels:

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