FunkFriend Selections 001 | by Dānks

This is where YOU, our followers and friends, can show off YOUR favorites!

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In FunkFriend Selections we are encouraging all of our funky friends to guestblog for us. Simply provide us with your five favorite Funk tunes at the moment, and if you’re an artist, we encourage you to include your own work!

So, do you wanna guestblog? Tweet us or email us directly. Everyone is welcome!

Let’s spread the Funk!

First up is the artist Dānks that we’ve featured a couple of times now. Dānks is an modern Funk producer that currently works on his first album. We’ll most likely feature it here on the blog when it’s released, so stay tuned!

Find Dānks on Twitter and Instagram.

The following is Dānks’ own words, enjoy:

Cape Coral is an artist whom I have just discovered, and is deliriously funky. This track has an 80’s club vibe. Everybody get together and party.

Temu Music has got the P-Funk style perfected. From the bass lines to the synthesisers to the mythology, this track has Booty’s stank all over it, but also his own personal twist.

This track is a continuation of a process which has seen myself explore the modern funk movement. Long may the positive vibes spread through the music and into the atmosphere.

Brett Eclectic’s hypnotic track uses minimalist techniques to the fullest effect. This track has a cosmic funky chill vibe, and you should definitely check it out.

Camino or Camino Disco, brings Disco into the 21st century in this track. Fast, groovy, energetic. I could add more hyperbole, but just play it loud and get freaky.

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