FunkSummer Singles | That’s Nice – Holiday (Mogul Remix)

[FREE] Mogul from NDYD did a great job remixing That’s Nice’s tune ‘Holiday’:

FunkSummer cover

If you haven’t noticed, summer is something special for FunkFelicity. This is also why we have this special edition that will make your music library ready for the warm summer mornings, evenings and parties. But don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you’re listening to them in the winter, spring and autumn as well – so are we! Enjoy.

That’s Nice’s original track ‘Holiday’ is a real warm and lovely summer tune, and Mogul did something really cool with it. He took his funky House vibes and made the track a little more party friendly – the perfectly pleasant original got a twist of dancing-on-beach awesomeness!

Grab it for free here, or support the guy on the channels under the player (he’d appreciate it).

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 Support That’s Nice: SoundCloud | Facebook

Bonus summer tracks from Dream Fiend and Elektromekanik (free download):

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