FunkParty Essentials 005 | Five Free Downloads

Beat Fatigue – Crush Effect – Father Funk – Tesla55 – I.O.X.

FunkParty cover

We collect five tracks each Friday, all are free of charge, and all are somewhat uptempo with a beat you almost certainly wanna dance to. You can grab them all in the bottom and then show your friends how funk music lights up any party. There’s a SoundCloud playlist as well.

Enjoy! Download individually or all five in the bottom ✌

Dutchman Beat Fatigue is a big favorite when it comes to Glitch Funk, and we first heard of him with this track. A real party starter, and real fantastic track in general, with samples and bass to die for:

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Next up is Crush Effect that we’ve loved for a long time as well. They started out with Electro Soul and Future Funk, but with this track they moved on to some uptempo Nu Disco (featured on Best of Funk 018) – it is fantastic!

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Third up is Father Funk that FunkFelicity have supported a lot because of his dope Ghetto Funk tunes (this one in Best of Funk 017). We will feature more of his tracks in selections like these later on; this time we give you ‘Get High’:

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Tesla55 is next on the list, and it’s with a French House track from his latest free EP. The second Dutchman in the selection shows great skill as well; just another kind of genre which we love (also featured on Best of Funk 026):

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Last tune is I.O.X. from Sweden that did a great remix of Prelow. Prelow bring wonderful British vocals and I.O.X. comes with some nice Disco-ish party vibes (featured on Best of Funk 24):

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(NB: Permission is granted by all of the artists)

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