French Toast Compilation Vol. 1 | FunkFelicity Review

The Mexican blog has their first FREE compilation out; and it’s dope!

french toast EP

Let’s start out by focusing on our favorites. There are really some great tracks on the compilation, but our way of choosing was firstly whether it was new tracks, and secondly how funk-filled they were. These five tracks are only new tracks, and there is really some great power in them.

The first one is the Eqyptian producer Allen Walker that have made an insanely funky guitar-driven tune that I simply cannot stop listening too; I’m sure a smooth vocal-edit would be cool to hear! Second up is a friend of FunkFelicity for some time now, Nico. Nicolas is from Colombia, and produces some great Disco with a lot of elements that I love; this track is no different, and naturally one of our favorites. Third track is and artists we’ve supported several times because of his incredible skills, Beerlover. ‘How Much’ is short and to the point, and the blend of repetitive Disco vibes and warm beat-samples is great.

My NamE is also on the list, and that because of the great sample work, the lovely French Touch and warm bass lead. We’ll definitely keep an eye out for this guy, as he’s actually pretty new to us! Last tune on the list is the Brazilian artist, Kruzader. He is really groovin’ it with this one; hence the name, I guess. The Disco is strong, the female vocal sample is perfect, and the guitar is a great twist.

Listen here:

You’ll see the full compilation below, which also features fantastic tracks from the likes of Modulaire, PalinoiaJNL (dat 8th Grader remix!), and Libano which I’d definitely recommend as well. FunkFelicity have found new inspiration in these artists, and we’re super happy about what French Toast is doing here – we can’t wait for next compilation!

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