FunkSummer Singles | reggie got beats – Jealousy

[FREE] A Norwegian guy contacted us, and thank God for that:

FunkSummer cover

If you haven’t noticed, summer is something special for FunkFelicity. This is also why we have this special edition that will make your music library ready for the warm summer mornings, evenings and parties. But don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you’re listening to them in the winter, spring and autumn as well – so are we! Enjoy.

We got a mail from reggie got beats, Egil Reistadbakk, a few days ago, and we’re happy for that, because boy do this Norwegian know how to Funk things up!? ‘Jealousy’ is his second-latest track, and it makes for the perfection addition to your warm and smooth summer vibes we’ve presented so far. There’s just a small build up in the beginning, and then just full-on dope Disco Funk with some stunning vocals from Kari Eskild and a saxophone to die for by Håkon Hammer.

Simply find the download on the player below, and make sure to give him a virtual high-five on his social media channels or at least a small comment on SoundCloud (both he and we would appreciate if you show some love!):

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Bonus summer tracks from the guy:

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