Abelard – Meta Valley (EP) | FunkFelicity Review

Incredible, fresh & funky chill/synthwave EP from the Australian producer:

abelard cover

I knew from the very first listen of ☆SEINWAVE☆2000☆  that I was dealing with an artist whose skillset was out of the ordinary. The track later gained massive attention and currently sports 250,000 plays on SoundCloud; quite impressive, but not at all surpising. This track worked as a great lead up to the third EP from the Australian producer (find the other two and some B-Sides here).

I love how ‘In The Rain’ starts the EP with a perfectly crafted dreamy beat that leads up to the title track ‘Meta Valley’ (that is also to be found on Abelard’s SoundCloud). Most of the tracks are tagged as #Glitterwave, and I couldn’t agree more on that labelling. ‘Meta Valley’ is a wonderfully unique mix of upbeat, glittery and danceable vibes that had us all worked up – I’m sure this will get a decent amount of attention too!

The EP continues with ‘Cheap Talk’ that is a great take on The B.B. & Q. Band’s track ‘On The Beat’ – the sample never gets old, and with Abelard’s warmth I have another great tune. In ‘Look Around’ we’re served a chilled synth bath with calming vocals; all very pleasureable and kinda mysterious. ‘Dance In Space’ features a bit more funky vibe that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. As the sample puts it, from Carmen’s 1984 track ‘Time To Move’: “it’s time to groove”!

‘Waiting By The Window’, an almost purely instrumental piece, plays with a lovely mix of bass-filled synths and a drum that goes uptempo towards the end; ‘Edie’s Theme’ ends the EP with a smooth and slow vibe complemented by a nice female vocal-sample.

This has to be one of the greatest chill/synthwave EPs I’ve ever heard, and it was of course an instant buy. I hope you think the same:

Also remember to download the fantastic ☆SEINWAVE☆2000☆  by “paying what you want” here:


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