FunkParty Essentials 006 | Five Free Downloads

Gabe Flaherty – Louis The Child – Chesto – Ash Reynolds – The Geek x Vrv

FunkParty cover

We collect five tracks each Friday, all are free of charge, and all are somewhat uptempo with a beat you almost certainly wanna dance to. You can grab them all in the bottom and then show your friends how funk music lights up any party. There’s a SoundCloud playlist as well.

Enjoy! Download individually or all five in the bottom ✌

Glad we found this one again, had forgot about it! High quality from Gabe in this uptempo Indie Dance / Nu Disco tune from about a year ago. Check it out!

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Louis The Child provides us some more uptempo Indie Dance with their tune ‘Casse’. Almost Madeon like, this track will no doubt have people rocking (free download):

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Third is Chesto with some Disco Funk/House of the cool kind. Goes really well with the above two, and has some dope vocal work on the side (free download):

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Coming in fourth is a little less uptempo tune, but still perfect for a party we’d say. Ash Reynolds make some killer Disco / Future Funk beats, so we’d recommend you check them all out. Also his label’s album that we reviewed!

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I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy a The Geek x Vrv track to a party? Especially this one we’d say is a perfect choice. In the rare case you don’t know the guys, remember to check them out and download the whole album!

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Free .zip Download of 006 |

(NB: Permission is granted by all of the artists)

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