FunkSummer | Patawawa Feat. Roman Kouder – Back to Life

[FREE] New fantastic collab between British trio and French producer:

FunkSummer cover

If you haven’t noticed, summer is something special for FunkFelicity. This is also why we have this special edition that will make your music library ready for the warm summer mornings, evenings and parties. But don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you’re listening to them in the winter, spring and autumn as well – so are we! Enjoy.

We’ve just reviewed Roman Kouder’s new EP on Nu Disco Your Disco and then this gets released few hours afterwards – awesome! The Frenchman went together with the English trio, Patawawa, to make a wonderfully smooth and funky Nu Disco tune. The four musicians are a perfect match, really; both acts are producing their own brilliant blends of Disco and Funk, and with Patawawa’s excellent British vocals, it’s simply amazing. Make sure to check the bonus tracks below, where Roman shows extraordinary skill with his latest single and another free download, and Patawawa’s two funky Indie/Disco tunes some months back – all four tracks we’d encourage you to acquire for the summer.

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Bonus summer tracks:

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