FunkSummer Singles | Caius – Love You Right

[FREE] We heard of this fellow Dane not long ago – superb Disco!

FunkSummer cover

If you haven’t noticed, summer is something special for FunkFelicity. This is also why we have this special edition that will make your music library ready for the warm summer mornings, evenings and parties. But don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you’re listening to them in the winter, spring and autumn as well – so are we! Enjoy.

For the summer evenings we’d want some smooth, downtempo and really pleasureable music as well; this is where we turn to Caius. The Dane has only one tune out, but it promises big things! We’ve talked to him, and he can present a new track really soon; it actually only needs to be mastered! We know for sure we’re gonna feature it, but we encourage you to stay tuned on his social media channels for future superiority.

Listen here and find the download on his Facebook page. Below the player you’ll find two lovely tunes in the same sort of beachy nighttime genre:

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Bonus summer tracks of similar kind:

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