NeZoomie & Denis La Funk Spring Mixtape | Free DL

The two guys have made a delicious mixtape for the season:

Kickback, relax (preferably in the sun), listen and enjoy this wonderful mix my the two awesome guys, NeZoomie and Denis La Funk! The tracklist was announced yesterday when the mix reached a 1000 plays; simply follow the link below to check it out – there are some serious spring/summer choons!

NeZoomie is from Italy and is a buddy of ours that we’ve featured many times. His blend of Disco, Electro Funk and House is incredible, and that coolness spills over to this mixtape as well. Denis La Funk is German and fairly new to us, but his many mixes are worth a listen!

Start out with this, though, and find some more tunes from the two guys in the bottom of the post:

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