FunkParty Essentials 008 | Five Free Downloads

Slynk & Stickybuds – One T – Peex – Beat Fatigue – Besnine

FunkParty cover

We collect five tracks each Friday, all are free of charge, and all are somewhat uptempo with a beat you almost certainly wanna dance to. You can grab them all in the bottom and then show your friends how funk music lights up any party.

Enjoy the full ones below! ✌

One of my all time favorite tracks. Slynk and Stickybuds make a great team:

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Pretty new track from One T, which is sporting swinging summer vibes and a funky vocal:

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Really an excellent track by the Italian, Peex. Remember to check out the Heataly team!

Support Peex: SoundCloudHeataly

Beat Fatigue is a big favorite. Here’s one of his awesome free tracks:

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Besnine released a new track just two weeks ago; this is one of the best of his:

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