Patawawa – Red and White | New Funk Essentials

‘Red and White’ is official. Listen below and get to know the British Nu Disco trio.

FunkSummer cover

In case you haven’t heard of Patawawa before, it’s a fairly new, super talented trio out of Matlock, England. Hailed as Matlock’s hottest new export (besides who, we don’t know), their brand of Nu Disco, Funk and stunning vocals is bound to get you grooving on the dance floor. 2015 has already been a great year with quality releases, collaborations, and BBC Radio playtime; and we know that the rest of the year — along with 2016 — will surely cement the young blood team as the next Nu Disco champions.

Below’s the single along with some of our favorites from the past year:

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(Notice how much they’ve grown from their first track, Charmer, above)


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