Throttle – Together (Acoustic Mix) | New Funk Essentials

The acoustic version is brilliantly funky – hopefully free download soon.

FunkSummer cover

Our favorite Australian progressive/disco/funk producer, Throttle, released ‘Together‘ a few months ago with David Spekter on some great vocals. A high tempo kinda Swedish-progressive original with some hints of disco and funk, and a clear inspiration of Avicii. Cool track, but we didn’t quite enjoy it as much as some of Throttle’s other tracks over the last couple of years. But the kid has grown immensely, and of course that requires to touch upon different (crowdpleasing?) genres. After all, it’s still clear he’s holding on to his roots.

Nonetheless, this new tune is a more lowtempo and smooth funk-filled version that lives up to his signature ‘DIRTYDISCO’ genre he’s been preaching for a while now. Check our Throttle favorites below, and then we hope he’s soon finishing his collab with Lenno, that was teased almost two years ago. Also we hope to be able to download this New Funk Essential soon.

Enjoy the stream, and let us know what you think over on Twitter or Facebook.


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