Tiring Game (Jean Tonique Remix) | New Funk Essentials

My oh my. Jean Tonique with John Newman vocals is perfection.

FunkSummer cover

Parisian producer and DJ, Jean Tonique, has to be one of our favorites. Not only is he doing modern disco edits of classics that are just perfect, but he’s also bringing a funky touch to modern day hits (like this, and the one in the bottom) without disrespecting them — that’s earns our respect!

Jean Tonique showed with his latest EP from about half a year ago, ‘YOU’, that not only does he know how to produce disco funk, he knows how to make brilliant funky house, he can work with peoples’ vocals perfectly, and we can all throw a party to his vibes. Jean Tonique, ladies and gentlemen, is a funk essential in himself – this and basically all his work is fantastic.

Enjoy the stream, and let us know what you think over on Twitter or Facebook.

>> Listen on Spotify <<

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