Stuck In Nostalgia (Besnine Remix) | New Funk Essentials

[Free Download] Besnine is back — party on with exquisite disco vibes:

FunkSummer cover

Besnine must be one of FunkFelicity’s favorite artists. One of those artists that has never released something inferior in our opinion. The funk is strong, and there’s always experimented with vocals, real instruments, and exquisite production techniques. It’s highly recommended that you get to know him; 2016 will be his big breakout – we’re certain of that!

This new track is a remix of the lovely Manganas Garden (listen to that guitar!), with a danceable disco beat and some lovely vocals that culminates in a wonderful power-drop – it’s off the hook! Let’s hope for a download option soon (Edit: HERE), but meanwhile, lose your shit to this one on the stereo (seriously, listen to 2:58), and find four of our favorite Besnine tracks below to make your weekend complete (also the new Manganas EP).

Enjoy, and let us know what you think over on Twitter or Facebook.


Please support Besnine:

SoundCloud Twitter | Facebook

^fucking goosebumbs

Manganas Garden EP:


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