Funk Awards 2015 | Categories and explanation

Funk Awards 2015 is here!
First we have the Categories:

Funk Awards transparent back

Just at small fun thing here in the end of the year. It has been an incredible year for the funk, and we all hope it’ll continue in 2016. Thanks for looking on the blog and following our social media – there are more coming in 2016!

We have four categories that we think sums up the year pretty well. We hope you’ll give us your thoughts while we announce the nominees and the winners accordingly.

1) New Talents of 2015

In this category, we’ll present the artists that started in 2015 and thoroughly impressed us. We have five artists in front of us, and it’s really someone that we think will be huge successes if they keep up the good work. There won’t be any nominees or winners, as they are all winners in our opinion.

Announced: 29th December – UPDATE: THE BLOGPOST

2) Breakthrough Talents 2016

2016 is going to be really interesting, and we’ll present 10 artists that we think will breakthrough for real in 2016. Some of them already did great things in 2015, but didn’t quite qualify as the 2015 artists of the year. We’ll pick three that we think are the biggest talents, but you’re very welcome to disagree or find other ones that you like.

Nominees announced: 29th December – UPDATE: THE BLOGPOST
Winners announced: 30th December – UPDATE: THE BLOGPOST

3) Artists of the Year – ‘Bass’ & ‘Soft’ Funk

We have found 20 artists in total. The first 10 nominees are in the this ‘Bass’ category, while the last 10 are in the next ‘Soft’ category. It’s in the same fashion as the two Spotify playlists BASS Funk and SOFT Funk. It has been really hard to pick, as many were extremely good and produced really well – but of course we had to pick some. We hope you’ll give is your thoughts when we announce nominees and winners.

Nominees announced: 30th December – UPDATE: THE BLOGPOST
Winners announced: 31th December – UPDATE: THE BLOGPOST


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