Funk Awards 2015 | New Talents of 2015

Funk Awards 2015 is here!
Here are the new talents:

Funk Awards transparent back

We have picked out five artists that really showed their talents in 2015 by producing awesome funky tracks all year. Lots of nice productions and they all have a bright future. See the categories and Funk Awards overview here.

1) reggie got beats | FacebookTwitter iTunes – Spotify

Norwegian artist reggie got beats has actually been around for a little longer than 2015, but we feel he deserves a spot in this award, as 2015 has been the year he really showed us his talents. There has been several great productions and at the same time he’s an independent drummer and part of a 4-piece band RGB Unit – impressive!

2) Aritus | Facebook Twitter Future Society Collective

Aritus, aka Henry White, has not only been a great producer, he has also started the artist collective Future Society Collective that helps artists grow. That’s something we have huge respect for, but the win in this category is definitely for hos Future Funk production skills.

3) Laster | Facebook Instagram

We first heard of the Frenchman when he released the track above, Night Club. Insane groove and it came out of nowhere. We hope he’ll keep it up, as that will definitely do him good in 2016! Lots of great tracks on his SoundCloud already.

4) Camino | Facebook Twitter

Boston-based Disco Funk producer Camino also impressed us. He has made several tracks as well as remixes of big artists that has already given him over 3000 followers. Highly deserved.

5) Desired | Facebook Bandcamp

Another Future Funk producer ends the list – Desired from Russia. Lovely beats and a great overall talent.

Hope you liked the list! Stay tuned for the next winners tomorrow.

Do you agree? Did we miss someone? Let us know! 🙂


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