Funk Awards 2015 | Artists of the Year [Nominees]

Funk Awards 2015 is here!
First we have the nominees:

Funk Awards transparent back

We have two categories, SOFT and BASS,  where three winners in each category will be chosen. We hope you’ll let us know what you think.

DISCLAIMER: The categories of SOFT and BASS are only guiding. We know that some artists have made tracks that belongs in both categories. Hope you can bear with us. Cheers.


1) FKJ

With quality originals and remixes released all through 2015, French Kiwi Juice is the first nominee.

2) Tuxedo

One of the best albums of 2015, and just pure funk all the way. One of our favorite bands of all; Tuxedo, ladies and gentlemen.

3) Flamingosis

The New Jersey producer Aaron really made a name for himself in 2015. Hot releases all year, and his heart for Disco and Future Funk is just what we love.

4) The Geek x Vrv

We saw them live, and here they showcased the many great releases they’ve had in last couple of years. We have followed them since the beginning, and the duo is really going places!

5) Vanilla

With a full-fledged album and three other originals of the highest quality, Vanilla is a sure candidate for the award.

6) Midnight Pool Party

Some of our most loved singles this year came from the Sydney. MPP is awesome, and we hope the best for them in the future.

7) Beerlover

The most funky Brazilian you’ll find! Several quality tunes through the year, and a great EP back in the Spring. We love beer, but we love Beerlover just as much.

8) Jean Tonique

He started with a fantastic EP and then made some dope edits and remixes that has been noticed all over the world. The Frenchman really broke through this year!

9) Fonkynson

We reviewed his EP in the beginning of the year, and quickly noticed how 2015 would be his year! So many great releases that we can’t pick just one favorite.

10) Lenno

The Finnish producer really established himself in 2015, supporting Arty and releasing several fantastic tracks and remixes.


1) Slynk

New album and lots of activity LIVE and around social media definitely has Slynk nominated – stunning work as always!

2) The Floozies

One wicked EP and several amazing singles (even with Kool & The Gang). Definitely deserves a spot.

3) Gramatik

We finally experienced his awesomeness live in 2015, and with his new EP, coffee shop album, and live playlist the Slovenian is such a huge inspiration and quality artist.

4) GRiZ

Another artist we saw live in 2015; and what a concert! So much energy from this young gun, and we already know that new amazing tracks are to come out in 2016.

5) Besnine

We love what Besnine does, and mainly because he’s so real about it. 2015 has been huge, with stunning releases and a new EP that marked the start of a promising career. We hope to see him live one day!

6) The Noisy Freaks

There is not much to say about the two fellas. Their level of funk is AMAZING and the new EP they released beginning of December is fantastic. Their 2015 releases are some of the best electronic funk you’ll hear. Ever!

7) Defunk

This guy has been so incredibly active in 2015 that we almost don’t understand it. Not only funk, but quality all over – we love Defunk!

8) Father Funk

For years Father Funk has been delivering extremely good tracks, and so many of them for free. We can’t thank him enough for his contribution to the funk.

9) Beat Fatigue

Ever since his first edit/remix we knew this Dutch kid would be a winner. 2015 has been filled with dope releases, collabs and remixes.

10) Phibes

Another extremely active contributor of funky vibes are Phibes. We are thrilled about the many awesome tracks we’ve been given in 2015.



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