Monthly Roundup • Best Funk of December 2015 • 38 tracks

The best of the best — each month!
This time 38 dope tracks. Enjoy, fellas:

Hope you enjoy this, fam. It takes a while to find and put it all together, so we’d love if you could share it with your friends. Find all [FREE] links and [BUY] links under the player.

Hope you’ll have time for the whole playlist, as there are some great unknown gems in the end. Please consider a REPOST on SoundCloud to support.

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Each track individually:

[FREE] Vanilla – Lose You

[STREAM ONLY] Flamingosis – Saturday Night Fever

[FREE] Tom Fire – Little Cake Feat. Mélissa Laveaux (Tigerz Remix)

[FREE] Laster – Palm Tree

[FREE] Amherst – Special

[FREE] コンシャスTHOUGHTS – Star Struck

[FREE] SOLITAIRE – Any Other Night

[FREE] Beerlover – Heatwave

[FREE] The Noisy Freaks – Save My Heart (ft. Sir Pryce)

[FREE] The Noisy Freaks – Feeling

[BUY] Televisor – Remember Me By (Knight One Remix)

[BUY] Televisor – Remember Me By (Original)

[BUY] The Kooks – Sweet Emotions (Montmartre Remix)

[FREE] Chet Faker – 1998 (CLOUDCHORD Remix)

[FREE] Camino 84 – Big Time

[FREE] Ariane – Your Love Is Heaven And Hell (Funk Hunk Re-Edit)


[FREE] Else & Vanderway – ACE

[BUY] Emapea – Good Old Days

[BUY] Dance Dance Dance (Dave Gerrard Re-Twerk)

[BUY] Soopastole – Get On Up

[BUY] Get It Right (Ziggy Phunk Disco Edit)

[STREAM ONLY] Mitch Murder – Call Waiting

[FREE] James Brown – Got Ants In My Pants (TWOGOOD Remix)

[FREE] The Bar-Kays – Too Hot To Stop (TWOGOOD Remix)

[FREE] Ash Reynolds – Lessons

[FREE] Midnight Club – No One Understands

[STREAM ONLY] Cantina Band (Eugene The Cat Remix)

[FREE] Eddie Harris – It’s Alright Now (SLY Edit)

[FREE] Brothers Johnson – Get The Funk Out Ma Face (SLY Edit)

[BUY] Sohight & Сheevy – Lady

[FREE] TENDENCIES – This Is The Moment

[FREE] Desired – Only Friends

[FREE] ℛeadme.☹ 『Pennyのダンス』

[FREE] Alessandro Calabrese – Summer Madness (ft. Kat Moore)

[STREAM ONLY right now] Dante Mars Ajeto! – 1-800 SEXY ROBOT – Melt: Plus

[FREE] Nada Funk – What’s on our mind

[FREE] Gold Rush – Miguel Campbell Ft Benjamin Diamond (Mac Stanton Remix)


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