Schumi & The Funk District – Bootin’ | New Funk Essentials

[Free Download] Pure funk from North America right there for you:

FunkSummer cover

Why didn’t we know of The Funk District before now? Damn. This has to be one of the best tracks we’ve heard in a really long time, and all because of the dope groove – this is some real funk! Listening on their SoundCloud makes us happy; we can add many more modern funk tunes to the library.

We’ve actually followed Schumi for some time now, but for some reason didn’t notice these tracks. Luckily for us and for you guys, we’re all aware now. Bootin’ is part of The Collectors Edition EP which also includes Future Music – you have to give that one a listen below! I also think it’s safe to tell you that there is a vinyl coming out from The Funk District, so keep your eyes peeled for the near future.

Let us know what you think of the four tracks over on Twitter or Facebook. Do you like it as much as we do?


Please support The Funk District:


Please support Schumi:



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