ZiG – Ice Cream ft. Tarion | New Funk Essentials

New electronic funk band out of New York is here to funk us up!

FunkSummer cover

Alright fellas, check this out: ZiG is a live electronic funk band and production team consisting of classically jazz and theory trained musicians and composers. Their first single is now out on SoundCloud, and to us it’s an instant hit. The single promises great quality for the future and we hope to hear more very soon. We were told that their sound has been perfected for fours years, so we’re sure they are ready to release more quality work while playing live in the greater New York area. Make sure to check them out if you live nearby. We also hope Tarion will be on vocals on more of their singles – great voice!

Let us know what you think over on Twitter or Facebook!

>> DOWNLOAD (not yet) <<

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4 thoughts on “ZiG – Ice Cream ft. Tarion | New Funk Essentials

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