Boulevards – Cold Call | New Funk Essentials

North Carolina based Boulevards released a new single – exquisite groove!

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We discovered Boulevards aka Jamil Rashad last year by stumbling over his first excellent hit single Forgot to Mention which was premiered by VICE and produced by Isaac Galvez who also assisted him afterwards. Shortly after, another dope track, Got To Go, was ready to stream and with the help from Rollergirl! and Taste Nasa a 4-track EP was live back in October — we loved it and still do. 

Now his new single Cold Call is out on SoundCloud. It’s the first of his LP which is set to be released on April 1st. He has brought back the producers Rollergirl! and Taste Nasa to help him perfect it, and we’re really stoked to say the least. We love what Rollergirl! has done so far (check out his EP I Love You, Rollergirl!), and since the past tracks have been so groovy-awesome, we know the album is likely gonna be one big funk explosion. So for the time being, listen to his recent tracks below, and pre-order the album digitally here.

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