Me & My Toothbrush – Get Down, JB! | New Funk Essentials

Me & My Toothbrush released one of the best tracks we’ve heard in months.

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We’ve followed the Swiss producer and DJ under the indie dance / deep disco label Enormous Tunes for quite a long time now. Yesterday ‘Get Down, JB!’ was released, and it’s quite a lot different than what has been the norm from Enormous Tunes beforehand, and even differs from Me & My Toothbrush’s signature deep vibes.

So let’s cut to the chase: we’re absolutely blown away by it.

We knew the Swiss was a good producer — and quite funky at times — but we would’ve never anticipated that he would produce some of the strongest funk we’ve heard for months. Perhaps even years. This is the perfect party track, and if you’ve followed the blog for just a little while, you know we’re all about bringing the funk to the dancefloors. We hope he remembers this style for 2016, then we might have a new favorite producer. Full support!

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