moodblanc – Faith (Album) | FunkFelicity Review

The Swedes’ album is out. Take a listen below, including their new single.

moodblanc COVER

“Life don’t know my name when you’re not around”

A line from the moodblanc’s upcoming single “Good Things In life” pretty much sums up what moodblanc is all about; they want the good things in life, but that nothing really matters if love is no where to be found. The album is an alluring journey that tells us all about what they know of love, leisure, laziness, and loneliness. We believe the characteristic and smooth vocal-work serve brilliantly as a red line through their storytelling, and it ties the whole album together very well. At the same tJ3pnQuNtime the whole thing is fueled by at set of diverse vibes that are mainly inspired by disco and some funky house that we love so much. We’re impressed by the production quality, to say the least.

This also means that we’ve happily supported all of the singles in the couple of years; and seeing it leading up to an imminent release of an album makes us happy. Not only happy, but also hopeful that people are interested in engaging themselves in the two Swedes story like quite a few people have done for the time being — they put so much effort into this album that they really deserve widespread attention.

You can listen to the release below and fine the full album on iTunes. Enjoy!

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