Lemaitre – Day Two (& EP 1749) | New Funk Essentials

The whole EP is a masterpiece, but Day Two is a little funkier than the rest.

0. Cover

For more than four years the Norwegian duo Lemaitre has been one of our favorite bands in the whole wide world (read with childish voice). We saw them live at the Roskilde Festival in 2013, and we already have tickets for their show in VEGA on the 14th February. We’re stoked to say the least.

About a week ago, the full new EP 1749 was teased on a couple of blogs, and all tracks were really well accepted by the electronic world. Now all tracks are public, and it’s time for us to show a little support. Day Two is one of the funkier tracks of the EP, and we love it — of course. But make sure you give it all a listen, it’s amazing.

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