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The second single from Goldwash is just as great as we expected.

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21-year old Baltimore-based composer, singer-songwriter, and producer Gabe Acheson went viral about three weeks back, when he released his first single, But U Won’t, under his artist name Goldwash. He was picked up by several blogs and jumped the Hype Machine charts — and it was extremely well-deserved. The youngster is classical and jazz-trained pianist, and he brings his own unique mixture of existential funk; a selfmade term that we think is totally cool. The vibes are both funky and bouncy, with synths that have tiny but exquisite links to his classical and jazzy background.

The new track, Malady, follows in the same footsteps of the first, but is more melodic and slow paced. It works, and there’s a bigger focus on Gabe’s own vocals which is a great decision. He’s got a really smooth and pleasant voice, and it comes as a great support for the sound setup. In short, we like where Goldwash is taking his sound, and we’re sure there is much more delicious music coming in the near future.

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Words From Goldwash:
Lyrically, ‘Malady’ is about a mutually destructive relationship, about witnessing two friends make mistakes. Overall, I hope the song is the kind where you can happily sing along for a while before realizing that maybe something darker is going on.


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