Monthly Roundup • Best Funk of January 2016 • 48 tracks

The best of the best — each month!
This time 48 great tracks. Enjoy, fellas:

Hope you like this, everyone. It takes a while to find and put it all together, so we’d love if you could share it with your friends. There are so many tracks this time, and maybe that’s because the artists waited to release new stuff in the new year. Anyways, find all [FREE] links and [BUY] links under the player. Some of them are still [STREAM ONLY].

Also hope you’ll have time to listen to most of the playlist, as there are some great unknown gems in there. Please also consider a REPOST on SoundCloud to support the hours I spend on these playlists. The last monthly roundup didn’t receive much attention.

Cheers, and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter! Enjoy:

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Each track individually:

[PRE-ORDER] Boulevards – Cold Call

[BUY] Mr. Rogers – I’ll Take U [LBCK Remix]

[FREE] BLV – My Girl (Roman Kouder Remix)

[FREE] DGTO – On & On ft. Chuck New (Mattanoll Remix)

[FREE] Sam Padrul — Televisor Feat. Richard Judge – Remember Me By (Sam Padrul Remix)

[SPOTIFY] Ain’t Nobody – “A Little More Love” (Viral Groove Remix)

[FREE] SunSquabi – SquabCat

[FREE] Late Night Radio – Repeat Ft. Clark Smith

[FREE] Opiuo – Life (Father Funk Remix)

[BUY] 80Kidz – Baby Feat. HAPPY(Bazz Remix)

[OUT SOON] Basement Freaks – Walk Away

[BUY] GreatScott – What Can You Bring Me? Feat. Jimi Needles

[STREAM] Soul Gem – Sante Fe (Patawawa Remix)

[FREE] Ash Reynolds – Your Lovin

[FREE] Guggenz – This Love I’ve Met

[FREE] Goldwash – But U Won’t

[STREAM] Shift K3Y – Gone Missing (Brasstracks Remix)

[BUY] Pomo – Blue Soda (Part 1)

[FREE] Funkastic – Exotisme

[BUY] Ride On The Rhythm (Ghosts Of Venice Remix)

[PRE-ORDER] UKNOWY — Flamingosis – Frugal Livin’ (Feat. Ian Ewing)

[PRE-ORDER] UKNOWYFlamingosis – I’ll Be There (Feat. Tendencies)

[FREE] Handbook – I WNT U

[BUY] Lemaitre – Stepping Stone

[BUY] Lemaitre – Day Two

[FREE] Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime (DJ Spider Remix)

[FREE] Ark Patrol – At All (ft. Veronika Redd) (Volant Remix)

[FREE] George Benson – Breezin’ (Sould Out Edit)

[STREAM] Special QVenice (Original Mix)

[FREE] Danger! Danger! – Ur Face (Msystem Remix)

[BUY] Else – 1979

[BUY] Soul Machine VS Atrey – WonderKids (BASTION Remix)

[BUY] Draper — All I See (feat. Laura Brehm)

[FREE] Younker – Pearl

[STREAM] VinylAddictedGet Down (Boogie In The House Edit)

[STREAM] Breakbot – Get Lost (Fastback Remix)


[FREE] Mozado – Home For The Night (feat. Rosé)

[STREAM] MokocchiStyle

[BUY] She Said Disco – Time To Move

[FREE] Le Phunk – Workin’

[FREE] Silverella – Back To Life

[BUY] Ash Reynolds – We Can’t Miss

[BUY] Sam Gouthro — You (Prod. Sam Gouthro)

[FREE] Keedbahn – Flamingo (Le Nonsense Remix)

[FREE] Cockney Nutjob — Beware

[FREE] one hand clap — wayward

[BUY] Royal Blood – Tiesels (FarfetchD Remix)



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