Mr. Moustache – Emotion Picture (EP) | FunkFelicity Review

[Free Download] New oldschool-inspired blues and funk track filled with bass.

moodblanc COVER

Dominik Novak has been producing disco music for quite some time now, starting about six years ago. He has evolved into an extremely good producer, but for some reason it’s not really taking off for the Czech artist. We hope this will change soon enough, and just by showcasing this fantastic EP, we hope it helps just a tiny bit.

Overall the new EP ‘Emotion Picture’ is a dreamy and mellow disco dish that we’re really quite fond of. The mood is so infectiously cool, and the level is on par with many french disco producers. ‘Breakup At The Dinner Place‘ is so smooth and the retro disco feel makes you feel calm. Calm before the dramatic storm arrives; ‘Do I Have To Lose You Too‘ starts with a couple conversing and when that ends with a good bye we’re served some lovely, dreamy uptempo synths and drums.

Finally, we get ‘A Dream To Be Loved By‘ which has an exquisite sound setup that sends thoughts to Daft Punk and other french artists of that kind. Overall we’re all in for a treat in this little 3-track EP.

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