Best of Free Funk 047 • Eighteen Free Downloads

One FREE playlist every week. Sit back and enjoy funk & good grooves.

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What is Best of Free Funk? It’s a weekly playlist with tracks that has been released in the week leading up to it. That means brand new tracks, and they are all free of charge. Download and bring them to the next party, to your next run in the park, or just save the SoundCloud link for the future. Enjoy funk & good grooves just the way you want, any time your want.

You’ll always find a wide array of genres all with a delicate twist of funk. Find our social media channels in the sidebar or below the player. We’re always hoping for some kind of feedback – so please do say something! ✌ This time you’ll find he following artists present – please support them if you like what they do:

The Noisy FreaksGoldwash – Tonbe – CAPYAC – Frankee More – Charlie Beale – XTRAFUNK – コンシャスTHOUGHTS – TWOGOOD – Elliot Ireland – Funkingham – Funkingham – BEYYYOND – DEFUNK – A.Skillz – Future Society

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