Christofi & FEiN – Marry You On The Dance Floor | New Funk Essentials

[Free Download] One of the absolute top nu-disco tracks right now!

0. Cover

Finally found time to support this little gem – it’s been on repeat since the release a few days ago. Los Angeles based Christofi and FEiN partnered up to make this dope uptempo nu-disco tune that will definitely have you moving by the end of it! It actually began as a joke while FEiN were recording their LP, Little Homes. They started throwing around lyrics like “the bouncer is a pastor” and “let’s start this honeymoon/in the restroom” and the nu-disco “baby” — in their words — was born.

In Valentine’s Day spirit, they are giving the song out for free. So definitely go forth and groove your butt off to this during the weekend!

Enjoy and tell us on Twitter and Facebook what you think.


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