Lemaitre Interview • VEGA, Copenhagen, 14th Feb 2016

Read about the duo’s thoughts on the new 1749 EP, as well as more cool stuff.

Lemaitre før tekst

Right before the concert in Copenhagen I was lucky enough to get the chance to quickly interview the duo. Read on below, and let us know on Twitter and Facebook what you think of the questions we asked, and answers we were given. Ketil and Ulrik are totally down to earth and really awesome to talk to! I hope all the best for them in 2016, and you’ll learn from below that there is more music to come in 2016.

Listen to the new EP in the bottom of the post, and support Lemaitre here:

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1) Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to do this small interview. We’re ecstatic to finally have you back in Denmark again. It was a pleasure seeing you at Roskilde Festival in 2013!

Ketil: Oh yeah, we were so shocked of that show! We thought that there was maybe gonna be 5,000 people, but there was apparently almost 15,000. It was crazy but a great concert.

2) How have you been since then? How has the start of the tour been going?

Ulrik: We’ve been great, thanks. Roskilde Festival doesn’t seem that long ago. It seems like it was last year. We’ve just continued playing– and making music. The tour has been good so far; full shows, almost sold out, and really really good crowds. It was good being back in Norway and playing in Oslo yesterday.

3) Let’s get into your new EP. What’s your thoughts on the final outcome, and how was the process of making it?

Ketil: Really fun. I’m happy with the songs that we ended up with, because I feel that we both had more time after ‘Singularity’. ‘Singularity’ took a lot of time, because we were wrapping up an album deal, we moved studios, and didn’t really have a studio to be in; so we did our best to just write and it was.. I dunno.. it felt a bit more stressful. With ‘1749’ it felt like we could take more time, which was great since we had a lot of ideas. Basically we had enough ideas for an album, but we sort of decided to cut it down to just an EP.

Ulrik: But a lot of those tracks are still in the works for future releases!

Ketil: Yeah, that was better instead of rushing through all the songs and finishing them quickly. Because I feel, like, for instance ‘Go’ on Singularity; I love the concept of that song, but in retrospect perhaps not the execution. I feel that we maybe didn’t make the song justice. And, yeah, it feels good to know that we had time to sit down with the songs and think about whether we were actually happy with the way that they came out — or if you wanted to redo them. And we did redo a couple of the songs almost entirely for the 1749 EP. We started out with an idea, and we liked that original idea, but to make it work in the end, we had to rebuild some of it almost from scratch.

4) What are the distinctive features, and how is it different from your previous work?

Ketil: It feels like we were a bit more free maybe, to do exactly what we wanted to do. But we’ve always been free because we’ve been independent for so long. But this time we could just experiment and try different things. We didn’t really want to remake the EP several times.

5) When you released ‘Nishio 2’ on SoundCloud a few weeks back, I quickly thought of Nishio (1) from The Friendly Sound EP. How was it making this sequel looking back about six years to when it all began?

Ketil: It’s crazy to see how far we have been taking it so far, and to still feel like we’re going up. I mean, we started in my parents’ basement just making songs for the summer. We said “we’ll see what happens” and it started working out really fast from there, and it was really freeing. At the time I was making house music, also some very commercial electro house, and I sold the sound to busses in Norway. It paid pretty well, but I was tired of doing the same tempo. Ulrik was making hiphop beats and were playing in indie bands, and because we were both very much inspired by Justice’s album ‘Cross’ where it was something so different.. where they didn’t really confine to the any tempo.. we found a common ground. Justice also didn’t follow any form, structure or house type genre. So.. yeah.. we wanted to do exactly that; we didn’t want the genre to be defined by the BPM [beats per minute, red.] and almost all of the music we were making were based on tempo and drum structure. For example, no rock music is decided by tempo; it’s not like if you did a fast song it was that kind of rock, or if you did a slow song, it was that kind of rock — it was just all.. like.. the same genre. It was fun experimenting with that mindset.

Ulrik: Actually, a funny thing why the track is called ‘Nishio 2’ is only because it was the working title of the project. And that was only because it had some similarities to the first one. We put it in a ski film and they owners credited it as ‘Nishio 2’, because we had giving them just the working title. Then the fans started writing “when is ‘Nishio 2’ coming out, when is ‘Nishio 2’ coming out!?” and we were like, fuck it, let’s call it ‘Nishio 2’; we already have ‘Strobes pt. 2’, ‘Relativity’ pt. 1-2-3, etcetera. But it’s also in the same vain as the the first one, it’s shopped and screwed.. and also quite instrumental heavy.

6) What producers, songwriters or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?

Ulrik: There are many. Phoenix, Royksopp… and Flume! He’s been so influencial in the whole genre of future bass, which is crazy. He’s really good.

Ketil: Yeah, there are basically too many to think of.

7) In anticipation of this interview we took a run through all your tracks on SoundCloud. When you look back at your entire catalogue of songs, which track or tracks are you most proud of?

Ketil: ‘Time to Realize’ I really like, ‘Blue Shift’, and maybe ‘Nishio’ — the original one. But it always changes. ‘Cut to Black’, obviously. I don’t know what to think of the ‘1749’ tracks yet, because it’s so recent. I can’t really look back at it, and put it in perspective with the other songs that we have.

Ulrik: Yeah, haha.

Ketil: It’s still too fresh. But I hope — and think — that the new tracks are some that we’re gonna be proud of for a long time.

8) Is there a different song that you enjoy playing the most LIVE, or are that the same songs?

Ketil: ‘Blue Shift’ live is really fun to play.

Ulrik: ‘Stepping Stone’ is always killing it.

Ketil: ‘Time to Realize’ and ‘Splitting Colors’ are also really fun.

Ulrik: We got a couple of new songs as well that are already fun playing without people ever hearing them before. [At the concert the duo presented a new track ‘We Got You’, red.]

9) If you look back at the milestones of your career, which moment is the moment you remember the most — and why is that particularly clear in your memory?

Ketil: Roskilde was actually — at the time — such a big thing; over twice as many people as we’ve ever played for in the past! It was really great.

Ulrik: We hope to be back this year!

Listen to the new 1749 EP:


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