Dabeull – DX7 Feat. Holybrune | New Funk Essentials

Finally more music from Daebull — and with amazing vocals from Holybrune.

0. Cover

After the Frenchman’s amazing ‘Fonk Delight‘ EP, the single ‘DA.FONK‘, and his remix of Brayton Bowman’s ‘Jaywalk‘ from about a year ago, we have been thirsting for more funky vibes. We were presented the dope collab ‘16h30‘ half a year ago, but now we’re really getting something. It could look like the start of a new EP, but we won’t set our expectations too high. The vibes are vibrant and infectious, just like we heard in ‘Funk Delight’. We hope to learn if there is more coming in the near future; but for now we have to settle with these amazing vocals from Holybrune, super funky vibes, and the signature talkbox vocals from Daebull himself.

Can we hope for a new Daebull EP? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if that’s what you want.

>> DOWNLOAD (not yet) <<

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