Funk Your Friday • 01-2016 • 9 Tracks

#disco | First instalment of a new series coming every Friday; filled with the best funk out there, not just new, but always the best. 


This weekly thing will hopefully make your experience funk a bit like I do. I’ve tried to collect somewhat similar tunes – some I stumble upon when I listen myself during the week, and some are just songs I love. You might know them, you might not – no matter what, I my goal is for your to discover new and perhaps like some it! 😄

TL;DR: SoundCloud playlist in the bottom of the post!

We start with a new delicious funky house track from  Purple Disco Machine; a guy that always makes crisp vibes. This is followed by the new reggie got beats single, the British trio Patawawa‘s single from a few months ago, and Groove Motions new disco killer. Patawawa has been a favorite for a while now, and I’ve featured them quite a few times if you want to listen closer.

Next, Razor-N-Tape presents a great single from MFR Collective, while The Reflex and Ghost In Venice takes it old school. Lastly, you’ll hear Mattanoll‘s nu funk remix from the beginning of the year, and a stunning Roman Kouder single that I overlooked some months back.

Please let me know if you like the selection, and if you’re looking forward to next week, where a different genre will be touched upon. Cheers, and thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Funk Your Friday • 01-2016 • 9 Tracks

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