Patawawa – Could Be Love

New single from the talented British trio! Disco-infused vibes with Beth’s always lovely vocals. 

0. Cover

Sam Wilmot, Rory Lovatt and Beth Garrett make up the electronic music trio Patawawa from Matlock. We’ve featured them before, where great releases like Red & White a year ago, and their collab with Roman Kouder, are still fantastic go-to releases that I personally enjoy playing very often.

Notice also that there will be a set of remixes coming with this single, and I can’t help but getting a bit excited for them as well. The remixers count TWOGOOD, who just released a stunning remix a few weeks back, French Horn Rebellion that we have featured several times, and Blue Sattelite that was one of my favorite producers 3-4 years ago (especially this tune)!

Said to be released on the 2nd December, I hope you’re looking forward to this. Enjoy:

>> RELEASE: December 2nd<<

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