Funk Your Friday • 02-2016 • 10 Tracks

#bassfunk | Finally Friday, and finally weekend tomorrow! Get psyched for this, with the new selection to spice things up a bit. Focus this time: electro funk with good amounts of bass. 


Time again for some of the best funk music out there; collected the way I listen to it during the week (with special additions from time to time). The core of this will be to show off not just new stuff, but some of the really good stuff that you’ve either forgotten about, or maybe you’ve never heard about it. I’ve always loved to discover new music, so I hope you do so here.

TL;DR: SoundCloud playlist in the bottom of the post!

This week I’ve collected dope tracks from some of my favorite artists that produce the heavier kind of electro funk. First off is the always amazing Basement Freaks, followed by Stone Soul with a cool Flamingosis remix. Beat Fatigue has evolved into a fantastic producer, and below track was from hos first amazing EP. Next up is TWOGOOD that has been doing so much for the funk scene over the past year (check em out). They are followed by fantastic singles from GreatScott and SunSquabi that both released albums during 2016. The talented youngster, Father Funk, calls for party time, while Chesire, GRiZ‘ classic track, and a Lack Jemmon remix finishes off the list.

Please let me know if you like the selection, and if you’re looking forward to next week, where a different genre will be touched upon. Cheers, and thanks for reading/listening!

Check out Funk Your Friday 01 with a #disco focus!


4 thoughts on “Funk Your Friday • 02-2016 • 10 Tracks

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