The Urban Renewal Project – Armor Love ft. Gavin Turek

#nudisco | Blown away by this 13-piece band! Check out their cool project here 

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I was contacted by this band some days ago. I was really impressed with the quality of what I heard, despite their modest 149 followers on SoundCloud (at that time). Their new single ‘Armor Love’ is a fantastic nu disco track that has elements of the golden disco days and a wonderful vocal that clearly makes it an instant essential for me – I hope you like it too!

Below ‘Armor Love’ is their previous single that I was quite honestly blown away by. There’s something unique about the sound design in ‘Don’t Ask Y’ that I really like, and the vocals provided by Camp Lo are surprisingly fitting for the rather .

Let us know if you’re into The Urban Renewal Project too – I know I’m already looking forward to the next track!

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3 thoughts on “The Urban Renewal Project – Armor Love ft. Gavin Turek

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