Funk Your Friday • 03-2016 • 9 Tracks

#smooth | Friday! Weekend tomorrow! I’m gonna have a chill weekend, so for all of you that has to relax and just enjoy some great music, check this selection out. 


Time for some smoooth vibes. Remember, it’s not just to show off new stuff, but some of the really good stuff that you’ve either forgotten about, or maybe you’ve never heard about it. I’ve always loved to discover new music, so I hope you do so here.

TL;DR: SoundCloud playlist in the bottom of the post!

First of is Laster with track that fits perfect for this selection. Laster is a great French producer that really shined in 2016, so make sure to check him out. Sam Gouthro is next up, a really talented producer of great jazzy/soulful electronic vibes. Handbook, out of York in UK, is the epitome of perfection; his latest beats from 2015 and 2016 are fantastic, and you should definitely check out his profile (also before 2015). Roman Kouder is often featured on this blog, but usually for more uptempo funk tunes; this future thing is really something else – but great!

I’ve also loved the French duo CAPYAC for a couple of years now as they produce excellent tunes. The playlist is actually full of French people, and the next one, GlobulDub, is also a Frenchman. If you like the old work from The Geek x Vrv, you’ll love this guy. Next up is Caden Jester who is actually new to me, but his track was a perfect fit for this playlist. Moustache Machine, another French guy, makes for a more uptempo disco track, however; really really smooth. Finally, the succesful Brasstracks track with Masego ends the selection in style.

Please let me know if you like the selection, and if you’re looking forward to next week, where a different genre will be touched upon. Cheers, and thanks for reading/listening!

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