Funk Your Friday • 04-2016 • 10 Tracks

#nudisco | Weeeeekend! Party tonight and the big game tomorrow, therefore we need some fresh nu disco vibes! Absolutely amazing tracks in this selection. 


Thanks for tuning in again! If this is your first time, know that Funk Your Friday is not just to show off new stuff, but some of the really good stuff that you’ve either forgotten about, or maybe you’ve never heard about it. I’ve always loved to discover new music, so I hope you do so here.

TL;DR: SoundCloud playlist in the bottom of the post!

As far as I remember, La Félix is a Frenchman, and I tend to like those guys. Maybe that’s why he starts out, or maybe it’s because it’s a fantastic track. Strong disco vibes and some cool vocals and talkbox coolness. Afterwards is a huge talent called Cats Hero who released an EP not too long ago. This is perhaps my favorite track. It’s in line with Blue Satellite‘s remix that follows; a track I’ve loved very deeply for about 4 or 5 years. Jason Gaffner is next up with a strong party tune, produced by Mattanoll that I’ve featured many times. Josef Kenny‘s remix og isle&fever is amazing, so had to come with this time – definitely check him out, since he doesn’t have that many followers yet!

Half way through list, there is NEUS‘ fantastic track ‘Discokiller’ from his first EP. It comes up when I shuffle Spotify a lot, and I enjoy it every time. Moving on, you would’ve also noticed that I love OPOLOPO, and his Andy Pfeiler remix is perhaps my favorite tune of his – outstanding blend of funk, boogie, and disco vibes. The Finish producer, Roisto, is behind the next track, a remix of Parcels. Great energy and perfect fit for the really good vocals. Towards the end you’re served a Kraak & Smaak tune with the almighty Mayer Hawthorne on the vocals. Perhaps you heard it this summer, but it’s just amazing what this collab can still do for a Friday night in the winter. Finally, Patawawa finishes off with a great remix og the two talented producers, Revolucien and A-P Connection.

Please let me know if you like the selection, and if you’re looking forward to next week, where a different genre will be touched upon. Cheers, and thanks for reading/listening!

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